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Welcome To Thai Professional Introduction Services!!
The Ethical Standard of Asian Marriage Agencies Around the World

Thai Professional Introduction Services, THE premium and most ethical of Asian marriage agencies,  wishes a warm welcome to all you sincere unattached gentlemen of any age! Are you looking for that dream partner but getting nowhere?

Thai Professional Introduction Services have THE SOLUTION  to your problem through our Asian marriage agency!

Leigh & Bangorn Dorling

Thai Mail Order Bride - Asian Marriage

We are NOT a casual dating service for online dating. We facilitate personal introductions between genuine like-minded individuals, whose mutual goal is the achievement of lifelong happiness -No ordinary dating service!

You will find our dating services for thai mail order brides and mail order Asian brides are like no other Asian marriage agency.

T.P.I. Services, offer these comprehensive selective dating services for Thai mail order brides, at our Bangkok office in Thailand. Our services are used to assist the western gentleman, in their search for  beautiful Thai mail order brides.  Find true and everlasting happiness and a loving relationship with a Thai mail order bride. With Asian mail order brides, you can find the marital relationship you have been seeking for most of  your life, but as yet,  have been unable to discover.

Most people believe that such an idyllic situation is either impossible, or does not exist. We can assure all discerning gentlemen, seeking Thai mail order brides, that it is not only possible, but can be easily achieved, through the professional, ethical, caring, introduction service, which T.P.I services provides. It is east to find a mail order Asian bride with our services.




Every client making the trip to Thailand to meet a potential Thai mail order bride is greeted at the airport by one of our Bangkok staff. He is escorted by complimentary taxi to his chosen hotel accommodation, a walking distance from our Bangkok office, which we will have secured for him (if instructed), at a preferential rate. Unlimited introductions to potential Thai mail order brides will commence as per his instructions. Clients generally have up to 12 interviews with potential mail order Asian brides, pre booked, so they can "hit the ground running". Where both parties are agreeable and there is some potential mutual chemistry; dates are booked, and take place. Clients continue this process of meetings and dating, for as many or as few days as are required, until they advise us  that they have found a suitable potential Thai mail order bride, who they then spend time with to the exclusion of all others.

All formalities such as  the Asian mail order brides passports, engagement, or; if required; wedding arrangements; are taken care of by our experienced professional staff.


Upon the gentleman’s return home, his Thai mail order bride’s visa preparation work commences. All necessary documentation and formal requirements are handled by us.


Upon passing the visa interview; (None of our   potential Thai mail order brides has have ever failed her interview)

after consultation with our client, we arrange a single ticket to the gentleman’s home country for his potential Thai mail order bride. There is NO need for him to travel back to escort his new Asian mail order bride home

A 2 year aftercare service is available for all clients peace of mind, after the gentleman’s chosen  Thai mail order bride has arrived in his country. Help will be provided in locating local shops and supermarkets, which supply Thai produce, or locating Buddhist temples. Temples are a social gathering place, as well as a place of worship, for Thai people.


Your new Thai mail order bride  need NEVER feel alone and isolated. She will most certainly know several ladies from our books, who are also living in the same country.


They are only a phone call away – as are we!


There is also of course, a large and ever growing Thai community in all the countries of Europe, United States, Canada, Australasia etc;  your new Thai mail order bride need never feel alone or isolated.


 Thai Professional Introduction Ltd.; is Bangkok's premier introduction agency  for Asian marriage, staffed by 4 full time staff, including 2 experienced translators, who have extensive experience and expertise in this field.


Our business is family owned and administered. It is the premier online dating service. Lawrence and Thapanee Lynch 100% own the Asian marriage agency, and take great pride in ensuring that all aspects of the business are operated in a professional, caring, and honourable manner. Nothing is left to chance.


Thai Professional Introduction Ltd, Thailand, (whose comfortable air-conditioned offices are situated in central Bangkok) is constantly interviewing potential Thai mail order brides. They go to great lengths during interviews and subsequent inquiries, to ensure that they only accept ladies of high moral virtue, and fine family background. On no account, will we accept any potential Thai mail order bride onto our books, whom we have the slightest suspicion of being, or having been, involved in any dubious night time activities!

Most ladies on our books have good jobs in banks, insurance companies, offices, hospitals, schools etc. Their ages range from 20-50. We do not advertise for potential Thai mail order brides, as they all come to us by word of mouth, from other successful happy clients.


N.B. We do NOT accept any girls onto our books whose families demand excessive dowry payments - We do not deal in economic migrants. Nevertheless situations will inevitably arrive, where a potential Thai mail order brides family demand a larger dowry payment. There are genuine cultural and
economic reasons for this, which have to be respected. The potential Thai mail order bride can find herself under intense pressure from her family,
who consider that one of their "breadwinners" is being removed. Also her family may fear that her new husband may abandon his new wife after a short
period (as many Thai men have a habit of doing.) and look upon a dowry as a safety net should such an eventuality occur.

If and when, a dowry (or "sinsod "as it is known in Thai) scenario should occur, we are always available to assist in "brokering" a mutually
acceptable deal where the family "saves face" without nevertheless the client feeling that he is "buying" a Thai mail order bride.

All ladies on our books are decent sincere ladies, genuinely looking for a loving caring partner, who they can love, take care of, and spend the rest of their lives with - Something they believe they will be unable to find in Thailand; as the majority of Thai men have a different outlook on life, and do not generally make good faithful loving husbands.

We offer a comprehensive, caring, ethical, professional service. We are with you every step of the way (As fully explained in our brochure - available upon receipt of your completed 'Contact Form'). Our regularly updated colour brochure will give you a full picture of the extent and quality of service that we always provide.

There are NO fees payable whatsoever, until such a time arrives, when you decide you desire to make a trip to Bangkok to meet our beautiful Thai ladies, and inform us accordingly. (Do remember however, that the early bird catches the worm. These potential Thai mail order brides  are available to meet you, and come to your country now! THE BEST GIRLS GO QUICKLY!) Only then will our fee be payable.

If you do not choose to do this during this period, you will be required to pay nothing.

Ok I'm Interested in a Thai mail order bride - What's the next step?


Email Us

Simply 'click, on the 'Email' page, complete and submit the brief confidential information form, to receive a speedy email reply from
Lawrence Lynch , explaining all aspects of our services, and an invitation to have a chat with him at your earliest convenience.

We are not a penpal service. Clients really have to meet our Asian mail order brides "face to face" in our Bangkok office. Please remember, that the ladies take time off work to meet clients face to face, in our office. We have a regular flow of clients; and ladies are not really interested in visiting our office to receive a letter from a man, who may never come to Bangkok! They want to meet him face to face now! For this reason, gentleman generally pre-select initial Thai ladies introductions, about 3 weeks before they arrive in Bangkok.

We can act at VERY short notice (48 hours) if required; but generally would advise a slightly more leisurely approach!

You can of course, go as slowly as you wish, after joining our service. Unlike some other Asian marriage agencies, our  service is valid for 12 months from the date of your arrival at our Bangkok office, and there is a 12 month contract for your protection.

Good Luck In Your Search For True Happiness

- We Hope You Enjoy Our Site! -

Lawrence & Thapanee Lynch

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Please note: Our service fee for clients Worldwide is 2450 UK Pounds in total;  NOT the sum stated on the film.


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